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Thermoflow Far Infrared (FIR) FAQS


What are Bio-Ceramics?

The Ceramics used in the Thermoflow fabrics and materials are made up of a special formula of natural, lead-free stones and minerals (like Silica Oxide (SiO2). These ceramics emit far infrared rays (FIR) energy once they warm up.

How does Far Infrared Therapy work?

The infrared light increases cellular metabolic rates by triggering mitochondria activity. This increase in cellular functioning incites enzyme activity, flushes out toxins and decreases pain and inflammation.

Far Infrared energy accelerates the production of cell tissue and quickly advances the regeneration of skin and blood tissues in any area exposed to the healing energy rays.

Far Infrared Therapy also contributes to the fortification of the body's ability to resist disease. An improved immune system can boost the oxygen levels of the blood, thereby diminishing the frequency of the common cold, respiratory infections and other diseases.

How will I know if the Far Infrared is working for me?

Some people will notice positive improvement, such as less pain, swelling, more flexibility and more energy within a few hours or days of wearing Thermoflow FIR clothing. For others, the changes may be more subtle and take a bit longer.

The ceramic properties in the fabric are designed to emit far infrared energy - helping improve blood circulation and reduce pain and swelling by warming up the ceramic minerals in the fabric while you wear it. To allow the ceramic particles to warm up, we recommend to be worn in normal or mild temperatures. This will allow the minerals to warm up and emit penetrating warmth. Extremely cold or minus temperatures may limit the ceramic's ability to warm up and emit the necessary far infrared therapy. Ceramic therapy gloves do not replace winter gloves as this is not the intended use. Ceramic therapy gloves are a natural drug free approach to improving circulation over a long term period. As hands and feet generally lose heat easily, it naturally will take time for your body to respond and absorb the FIR energy. Some people notice changes and improvements within a few hours. Other customers have reported they noticed changes more gradually over several weeks, even a few months. Everyone will respond slightly differently to the FIR benefits. Clinical trials have confirmed that continued use will help lead to healthy results.

How deep will the FIR Rays penetrate into the body?

Unlike visible light, infrared rays can deeply penetrate skin and the underlying tissues up to 1.5 to 2.8 inches (approx. 3.75 - 7 cm).

What if I don't feel anything right away?

Most people will feel some warmth right away, however everyone's body is different as to how quickly it responds. Many factors play a role in how quickly your body responds. History of bad diet, high fat diet, history of smoking or poor water intake (dehydration) may play a roll limiting your body's response. Even if you don't feel anything right away, the ceramic minerals are still building up their energy and doing their job. This is a long term therapy, not a quick fix. As you slowly improve the blood circulation, the benefits will be felt by your body. Over time you will feel the healing properties of the far infrared.

I have Raynaud's Syndrome, how long before I notice results?

Clinical trials have proven to show results within the first 30 days. Raynaud's is a serious condition, and it takes time to rebuild the circulation in your hands and fingers. You need to wear the product as often as you can, including while sleeping whenever possible. Over time you will enjoy the benefits.

Will these products replace my thermal winter clothing?

No! These are therapy products designed to help with circulation and inflammation. Not to replace outside winter clothing. However, wearing these under your winter clothes or layered clothing will certainly generate increased warmth and far infrared energy. A great way to keep extra warm and enjoy the benefits of FIR energy.

Does Far Infrared clothing need to fit tight to work?

No. Some may choose to wear tight while others more relaxed and loose. Wear as you would your everyday clothing - comfortable. The far infrared energy will generate perfectly fine if its snug/tight or relaxed/roomy.

Garment Care for Thermoflow Far Infrared Garments:
• Hand wash or gentle cycle in cool water (below 15 C or 60 F)
• Natural Soap, Mild Detergent
• Rinse in cool or warm water
• Role in a dry towel to remove excess water.
• Hang to dry - room temperature. (recommended)
•Tumble dry low heat only.• Avoid the high heat of a dryer and hot water.
• Do NOT dry clean, iron or bleach.

The Bio-Ceramics particles that emit the FIR are fused (impregnated) directly into the Polypropylene fibers. They do not wash out.


  • Thermoflow™ FIR health products have been clinically tested at Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Science Center at the University of Toronto by Dr. Gordon Ko and Dr. David Berbrayer in the division of physical medicine and rehabilitation. It was found that the products are 90% effective for pain relief. Clinical trial results were published in the Aug. 2002 issue of Alternative Medicine Review.

  • Clinical trials have confirmed how well Thermoflow can help with improving blood circulation, reducing inflammation and pain.
  • Introducing The New Nano Patch / Pain Patch: The Thermoflow™ far infrared plaster is made from a special, odorless, non-irritant platinum electromagnetic fibers. It is a quick solution for pain ASSOCIATED WITH arthritis, inflammation in JOINTS and SPINE. As the plaster touches the body, it will penetrate to cause the capillaries to expand 1.3-1.4 times. This promotes increased blood circulation and improves metabolism to activate cells. It is able to help relieve the symptoms of sore muscles and joints, without the use if oral medication. It is free from internal drug side effects and is able to improve common medical ailments. Ideal for quick temporary pain relief.

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