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Thermoflow Size Charts


Thermoflow Socks

 Description  Small  Medium  Large
 Size Of Shoe (Unisex)  (4-7)  (7-10)  (10-13)
Regular Crew Socks  Small  Medium  Large
Long Socks

One Size Fits All (Shoe Size 5-12)

Therapy Shirts & Dickeys

 Description  Small  Medium  Large  X-Large

 Chest Width
46 cm  51 cm 54 cm  60 cm
65 - 70 cm 70 - 75 cm 73 - 77 cm 76 - 81 cm
Length Of Sleeves 
50 - 54 cm 53 - 57 cm  55 - 60 cm 60 - 65 cm
Size Of Neck 
 14"-16" (36-41cm) 16"-18" (41-46cm)  18"-20" (46-51cm)   20"-22" (51-56cm)
DICKEY Size Of Neck 
 14"-16" (36-41cm) 16"-18" (41-46cm)  18"-20" (46-51cm)   20"-22" (51-56cm)

Bike Shorts / Briefs - Men & Women

 Description  Small  Medium  Large  X-Large

Bike Shorts
 Size Of Waist
 26"-28" (66-71cm) 29"-32" (74-81cm) 33"-38" (84-97cm) 39"-44" (99-112cm)
Bike Shorts
Size Of Waist
24" - 26" (61-66cm) 27"-30" (69-76cm) 31"-34" (79-86cm) 35"-40" (89-102cm)

Therapy Gloves

Click Here To View Glove Styles & Sizes

Wrist / Elbow / Arm Bands

 Description One Size  Small Medium Large
Wrist Band - 4"-7" (10-18cm) 6"-9.5" (18-24cm) 8"-12" (20-29cm)
Elbow Band 8" - 15" - 8" - 11" 10" - 14"
Arm Band

One Size Fits All 8"-15" (20-38cm)

Knee Bands (Measure 2" above the knee cap)

 Description Xsmall Small  Medium Large X-Large 2X-Large
Knee Band 6" - 10" 8" - 12 " 10" - 14" 12" - 16" 14" - 20" 18" - 24"


Thigh Bands - No velcro strap (Measure at top of thigh area)

 Description Standard Oversized
Thigh Band 16" - 25" 18" - 28"

Calf And Ankle

 Size Of Shoe (Unisex) Small  Medium Large X-Large
Ankle Band Shoe Size 5 - 8 x Shoe Size 9 - 15 x
Calf Band

One Size Fits All 8"-15" (20-38cm)

Head And Eye Wear

Head Cap

One Size Fits All
Eye Wear

One Size Fits All

Long Underwear / Long Johns

 Description Small  Medium Large X-Large

Long Underwear

Size Of Waist
26"-28" (66-71cm) 29"-32" (74-81cm) 33"-38" (84-97cm) 39"-44" (99-112cm)

Back Support And Waist Bands

 Description Small  Medium Large X-Large
Waist Band 20"-28" (50-70cm) 22"-32" (55-80cm) 24"-35" (60-90cm) 26"-40" (65-100cm)
Waiste Belt 24"-28" (60-70cm) 26"-32" (65-80cm) 30"-34" (70-90cm) 36"-40" (90-100cm)


  • Thermoflow™ FIR health products have been clinically tested at Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Science Center at the University of Toronto by Dr. Gordon Ko and Dr. David Berbrayer in the division of physical medicine and rehabilitation. It was found that the products are 90% effective for pain relief. Clinical trial results were published in the Aug. 2002 issue of Alternative Medicine Review.

  • Clinical trials have confirmed how well Thermoflow can help with improving blood circulation, reducing inflammation and pain.
  • Introducing The New Nano Patch / Pain Patch: The Thermoflow™ far infrared plaster is made from a special, odorless, non-irritant platinum electromagnetic fibers. It is a quick solution for pain ASSOCIATED WITH arthritis, inflammation in JOINTS and SPINE. As the plaster touches the body, it will penetrate to cause the capillaries to expand 1.3-1.4 times. This promotes increased blood circulation and improves metabolism to activate cells. It is able to help relieve the symptoms of sore muscles and joints, without the use if oral medication. It is free from internal drug side effects and is able to improve common medical ailments. Ideal for quick temporary pain relief.

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