Far -Infrared Wrist / Elbow / Arm Wraps

Thermoflow wraps are available for the extremities such as wrist, elbow and arm. Many of these injuries can be caused by repetitive stress to an area of the body as seen in tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome. Muscle tightness and stress due friction may increase pain and swelling in the elbow, arm or wrist. Thermoflow has designed the elbow, wrist and arm band to combat these sore muscles and joints.

Benefits of Far Infrared Clothing
• reduce pain due to repetitive motion
• reduce swelling of joints
• improved strength
• improved flexibility
• improved blood flow and warmth to the extremities
• reduction in arthritic symptoms
• reduce sports injuries
• promote muscle healing

Where To Buy!


Sizing Chart

 Description One Size  Small Medium Large
Wrist Band - 4"-7" (10-18cm) 6"-9.5" (18-24cm) 8"-11.5" (20-29cm)
Elbow Band

One Size Fits All 8"-15" (20-38cm)
Arm Band

One Size Fits All 8"-15" (20-38cm)

Available in Black and White

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