Thermoflow Bike Shorts For Women And Men

Bike Shorts - Available for women and men.

Thermoflow bike shorts are made from a patented process
which incorporate micronized rare earth mineral into the polypropylene thread. Thermoflow bike shorts not only improve circulation, reduce pain, relax muscles and open the lymph system, they also are able to wick away perspiration and reduce odor.

• improve athletic abilities
• increase strength
• reduce pain and inflammation
• reduce numbness of extremities
• improve sports injuries
• combat arthritic hips.
• speed healing of broken bones
• reduce lower back pain
• improve varicose veins
• reduce muscle cramps

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Sizing Chart

 Description  Small  Medium  Large  X-Large

Bike Shorts
 Size Of Waist
 26"-28" (66-71cm) 29"-32" (74-81cm) 33"-38" (84-97cm) 39"-44" (99-112cm)
Bike Shorts
Size Of Waist
24"26" (61-66cm) 27"-30" (69-76cm) 31"-34" (79-86cm) 35"-40" (89-102cm)

Available in Black and White

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