Far Infrared Therapy T-Shirts

Our far infrared t-shirts can help relieve pain, improve circulation, reduce fatigue and more.

Far infrared t-shirts are specially made from 100% FIR fibers, and have been shown to:

• Increase blood microcirculation and improves metabolism.
• Enhance white blood cell function and immune system response.
• Burn excess fats and extra calories.
• Relax muscles and reduce inflammation
• Relieve fatigue and improve overall health.
• In addition, it also provides penetrating warmth.

You can use far infrared therapy t-shirts to improve blood circulation, relieve stomach pain, chronic fatigue, relieve shoulder pain and improve general health.
It can also be worn as a regular shirt for its extra warmth.

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Sizing Chart

 Description  Small  Medium  Large  X-Large

 Chest Circumference
 34"-36" (86-92cm)  38"-40" (97-102cm) 42"-44" (107-112cm)  46"-48" (117-122cm) 
24" (61cm)   26" (66cm) 28" (71cm)  30" (76cm) 
Length Of Sleeves 
 20.5" (52cm) 22" (66cm)   24" (71cm)  30" (76cm)
Size Of Neck 
 14"-16" (36-41cm) 16"-18" (41-46cm)  18"-20" (46-51cm)   20"-22" (51-56cm)
DICKEY Size Of Neck 
 14"-16" (36-41cm) 16"-18" (41-46cm)  18"-20" (46-51cm)   20"-22" (51-56cm)

Available in Black and White

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